The Accidental Patriot

Joseph Bauer

After the government’s s first choice to design a secret installation is discovered and murdered by foreign agents, the president turns to a lonely widower from Pittsburgh to take her place. Stanley Bigelow’ s unusual engineering skills and solitary life make him suitable for the work, but Captain Tyler Brew, the Navy SEAL overseeing the project worries that the man’s age, weight, and lack of physical fitness will make him vulnerable to his predecessor’s fate. Despite round-the-clock protection by female FBI agent, L.T. Kitt, and a specially trained German shepherd from the witness protection program (Augie), the SEAL’s fears prove warranted. All while a terrorist offensive takes shape.


The Patriot’s Angels

On the eve of a midterm election, unconventional terrorists use technology to commandeer military aircraft and infiltrate voting machines in a critical US Senate race in Georgia. Who is behind the attacks and how can they be stopped?
While the nation worries about the integrity of the election and the security of military aircraft communications, the first female president of the United States must deal with both crises. After turning to Stanley Bigelow, an ordinary but brilliant civilian engineer from Pittsburgh and his German shepherd, Augie, for help, a chain of events ultimately unfolds with the potential to create horrifying consequences for Stanley and his beloved canine companion.
The Patriot’s Angels is a story of love, loyalty, and bravery as an unassuming engineer and his extraordinary dog work together with military experts and law enforcement to unravel terrorist plots.